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B.H. Travel Diary

notes on our travels around the world in constant pursuit of the feel good life
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Guide to getting the most out of Body Holiday

Ciao! Welcome to the feel good life. We get it, when you check in for your Body Holiday just like any new destination, it’s great to have a local there to pick you up on arrival, give you insider tips and show you all the best spots. So here’s our guide to ensure all your […]


Be : A guided Meditation in Byron Bay

A short guided meditation with our Yoga expert Emily McCarthy that can be done stand alone or at the end of your movement practice. First, we prepare the mind by controlling the breath / life force. Once the mind is steadied, we engage each of the senses, to then disengage completely and finally come to […]


Journaling to find balance in Mykonos and Milos

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” – Thomas Merton As part of the Mykonos and Milos balance retreat, we embark on a three-part journaling exercise that delves deep into the exploration of finding balance in our lives. Through introspection and reflection, this exercise guides us on a […]


Guide to the balancing islands of Mykonos and Milos

There are few places as picturesque and enchanting as the Greek Islands. Both Mykonos + Milos offer unique experiences, each with its own distinct charm. As you embark on your journey, you will find that the theme of balance beautifully weaves through both islands. Mykonos offers a perfect blend of crystal beaches, lively nightlife and […]


Discover the charm and magic of Ibiza

Founder of the interior architectural directory Portaire, Lori Bolon has frequented Ibiza throughout all phases of her life, chameleonic, beautiful, and vibrant sides of Ibiza that will surprise you at every turn. She shares her experiences of the charm and magic of this famed destination full of incredible beaches, fresh food and unmatched energy in […]

Travel Guide

Eat, drink, explore in Tuscany

Ever since watching ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’, artist Jessica Yolanda Kaye has dreamed of spending summer in Tuscany. And this year, she was lucky enough to get a taste. Get lost in her travels with her Siena guide. A guide to Siena I spent a week in a charming villa in Siena for an art […]


Bondi Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Sophie Dulac

Expert Sophie Dulac leads you through her personal Bondi beachside ritual of self-lymphatic drainage massage of the stomach. This is an easy, quick and nourishing practice that helps to move fluid retention, assist with digestion and reduce bloating. Lymphatic drainage has been used in the medical and remedial fields for decades. Just a few minutes […]


The best of Byron Bay

A guide to Byron Bay Stay Image Credit: Sun Ranch Byron Sun Ranch Nestled amidst lush tropical gardens, this boutique retreat beckons with its serene ambiance and unspoiled natural beauty. The property boasts luxurious, eco-friendly accommodations that seamlessly blend modern comfort with the rustic charm of the Australian hinterland. Recharge by lounging beside the crystal-clear […]


Living the salty life in Bondi

After moving to Sydney a few years ago, digital creator Isobel Larkin crept closer and closer towards the coast with each new lease. Eventually, she found herself in Bondi and can’t see herself leaving here anytime soon. Although she might live here, something about the combination of being by the beach but also being a […]


Ibiza Body Connection Meditation

Indulge in self-connection and calm. Balance your upbeat and adventurous movement on the mat in your Ibiza workouts with a moment of stillness. Pause and connect with your body through mindfulness in this short, easy ritual that leaves you feeling calm, grounded and grateful. This exercise is a great way to settle into a deeper […]


Get to know your teachers: Issy Scagliarini

Issy is the smiling assassin here at Body Holiday, you will see her in most of your workouts all around the world always taking the jumping options and inspiring us with her boundless energy. She also inspires all of us at Body Holiday with her positive outlook on life, quick wit and wisdom beyond her […]


Byron Bay Açai Bowl

Close your eyes and imagine the vibrant colours of Byron Bay encapsulated in a bowl. This is a quick, easy, summertime classic recipe with a Byron Bay twist utilising some of the freshest produce from the area, macadamias and bananas. (Makes 2)   INGREDIENTS 3 frozen bananas 1/2 cup of macadamia milk 2 packets of […]


Perfect Greek Salad

Get ready to create the best Greek salad you will ever have! While Greek salads are already known for their refreshing flavours and vibrant colours, we’re about to unveil a secret hack that locals know and will take this classic dish to a whole new level. Prepare to make this a light staple with a […]


Bondi Fish Tacos with Lucy Rosenberg

Local food stylist, recipe developer, caterer and food enthusiast Lucy Rosenberg loves mixing her love of food with fashion and is known for her big bold flavours. She shares with us her favourite iconic Bondi dishes she makes at home.  “When I think of what to eat on a hot summer’s day in Bondi, fish […]


Bondi Sweet Miso Eggplant with Lucy Rosenberg

One of the original Body Holiday 2020 retreat chefs, Lucy Rosenberg is a Bondi local food stylist, recipe developer, caterer and food enthusiast. Lucy loves mixing her love of food with fashion and is known for her big bold flavours. She shares with us her favourite iconic Bondi dishes she makes at home.  “Bondi is […]


Tortino di Carciofi (Artichoke omelette)

Artichoke fields are one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Chianti landscape and bloom all over Tuscany in Spring. Yes, bloom! Artichokes are a vegetable but the part we eat is actually a flower before it blooms. They are a rich source of folate and also contain magnesium, which is great for sore muscles […]


Bondi Soba Noodle Salad with Lucy Rosenberg

Local food stylist, recipe developer, caterer and food enthusiast Lucy Rosenberg loves mixing her love of food with fashion and is known for her big bold flavours. She shares with us her favourite iconic Bondi dishes she makes at home.  “A classic day in Bondi always starts with a Pilates class finished with a swim […]


5 ways to La Dolce Vita

La dolce vita, or the sweet life, an Italian phrase we all yearn to embody ~ a life full of beauty and pleasures. It’s no secret that the people of Italy often live to a century without indulging in halves. So what are the guidelines and how can we incorporate it into our day-to-day? We’ll […]

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