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Get to know your teachers: Issy Scagliarini

Issy is the smiling assassin here at Body Holiday, you will see her in most of your workouts all around the world always taking the jumping options and inspiring us with her boundless energy. She also inspires all of us at Body Holiday with her positive outlook on life, quick wit and wisdom beyond her years.

Get to know Issy a little bit more below and follow her here.

Where are you from?

Mount Martha, on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne.

What bought you to Bondi?

The dream lifestyle! Living an active lifestyle on the beach. And the fact there’s always something fun happening in Bondi…

How did you get into fitness and what do you love about it?

Growing up my family valued always being outside and being active,I did every possible sport imaginable. But for me it’s the feeling during and after, I find moving my body so fun and it’s the favourite part of my day!

Any words you live by?

Energy flows where attention glows. – Tony Robbins
Be the energy you want to attract.

What’s your favourite part about working on Body Holiday?

Honestly working alongside Holly and Bel who really do have the best energy, are so driven and know exactly what they want! It was so special to watch them in their creative element and watch how much love and care they have put into creating Body Holiday. I obviously also loved getting my butt kicked by Holly every day 🙂

Favourite podcast?

The Imperfects, Jay Shetty, Call Her Daddy

Your outlook on life is always so positive and uplifting, what helps you stay positive on the days its harder to?

The fact that I know another day is just around the corner, and I try remember that the hard days are only temporary and it’s just a feeling!

Favourite exercise?

I absolutely love to hate a clamshell series, BOOTY BURNERS are my FAVE!

Favourite outfit to work out in?

Can never go past my favourite Nagnata outfits!

Favourite spots to eat around Bondi?

  • Depot: choc almond raspberry croissant
  • Orchard St: absolutely everything
  • Raw Bar: favourite spot for sunset margaritas and sushi!!
  • Bills: can never go wrong with a girls night at bills for lunch and dinner
  • D. Bowls: Best Acai in Syd! Adding PB is a must
  • My Flower Man and Cali Cress: favourite iced coffees!
  • M Deli, Tamarama: the most tiny and cute little spot in Tama absolute favourite spot for breakfast muffins, banana bread and DIY breakfast bowls!!

What does a day in the life of Issy look like?

  • Typically you’ll find me rolling out of bed at 5:30 into my Nagnata set and stepping out the door to do my daily Coastal walk (Bondi bronte)! It’s my favourite time of day when the sun is rising and so many people are out and about doing something for themselves before they start their busy days.
  • Then I’ll head to Cali Press and get my coffee and some of my favourite banana bread and will head to the gym, where you’ll find Holly upstairs  in the studio next door whipping everyone on the reformer beds!
  • After my workout, I’ll head home have a shower and pop past Orchard Street which is my favourite cafe EVER! You will find me here daily ordering all the cakes and cookies 🙂 or you’ll also find me at the Depot getting an almond croissant (if you know me you know they are my biggest weakness)
  • After work, I’ll chuck my bathers on head for a swim and meet some friends then, go for a quick walk again with my favourite podcast before dinner!

Life’s pretty damn good hey!

If you haven’t already, immerse yourself in a well-rounded Bondi lifestyle like Issy with our with our Bondi retreat.


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