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Hand-Curated Retreats

Embark on your Body Holiday workouts through expertly and deliciously-curated retreats. Nourish yourself with connections to new destinations, experiences, cultures, and the nature within and around you. Explore with us; play, and find joy in other worlds, all at your fingertips.


Escape The Ordinary
Pilates Flow, Pilates HIIT
Escape the ordinary
in this hidden gem
of the Balearic Islands
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Forge Deeper Connections
Circuit & HIIT, Pilates Flow, Pilates HIIT
Charcoal sand, smiling locals,
Endless palm trees and
sprawling rice terraces.
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Amalfi Coast

The Art of Mastery
Boxing, Circuit & HIIT, Neu Barre, Pilates Flow, Pilates HIIT
Waves crashing against the rugged cliffs,
a spritz in hand in the sun,
Sunset painting the sky over terraced vineyards and lemon groves.
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Around The World

Take a trip to
broaden your horizons,
challenge your body and mind
and reach new heights.
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Byron Bay

Slow down, chill out
Pilates Flow, Yoga & Stretch
Surfers carving arcs at the pass,
barefoot strolls and locals with charm,
exploring the lush hinterlands...
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Mountains Collection

Find your power
You step into your personal
power not by avoiding challenge,
but overcoming it.
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Mykonos + Milos

Strike balance with light and shade
Circuit & HIIT, Neu Barre, Pilates Flow
Desert sand to turquoise seas,
octopus dries in the summer sun,
Time passes with the cycladic currents.
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Waterfalls Collection

Flow like water
When you do things from
your soul, you feel a river
moving in you, a joy.
– Rumi
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Tuscany Retreat

Spark creativity, colour outside the lines
Pilates HIIT
Chianti vineyard rolling hills,
getting lost in art, culture,
nonna’s homemade pasta...
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Bondi Retreat

Work hard, play hard
Circuit & HIIT, Neu Barre, Pilates Flow
Sandstone cliffs, dophins at
flatrock, icecream dripping down
salty skin as the sun sets...
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A world of workouts

Take a trip around the world, and pick a workout that suits your mood and needs today. Will it be a sweaty beachside burnout, or HIIT under the Tuscan sun? Check in is always open, wherever you choose to travel.

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