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Retreat in a world of movement

Body Holiday is your online workout portal, transporting you through destination-based retreats all over the world that you can experience anytime, anywhere. Immerse yourself on retreat with daily workouts, wellness activities and local recipes.

Top tier instructors, unbeatable varied movement and a one way ticket to the most desirable destinations will leave you wondering how you worked out any other way.

Our Story

Body Holiday was first born in 2020 as a wellness retreat on a stunning 100 hectare estate in the Byron Bay hinterlands. We hosted daily nature workouts, endless grazing tables curated by hand-picked chefs, outdoor massages, sound healings and incredible conversations around the table. Something magic happened that weekend ~ leaving us all in a state of complete bliss and with a newfound sense of clarity.

We were hooked on the natural high of retreat. So we asked ourselves, how can we bring a bit of retreat into our everyday movement practice and make it accessible? We knew that online was the answer, however in our experience, online workout platforms showed us the same white-walled recordings day after day, that left us feeling uninspired to say the least. So we set out to create exactly the opposite ~ an online workout platform that was full of life, colour and experience; that fills our cup and celebrates a well-rounded life full of joy, exploration and empowerment. A place you want to explore, a place that makes you feel something special. A taste of the feel good life, everyday.

Our Method

Like the best things in life, we believe our movement practice should be engaging, empowering, educational and full of variety. Our multitude of class styles all originate from the same vision to help build strong, healthy bodies that are better equipped to make us get the most out of life.

From slow, horizontal flowing pilates, to dynamic jumping HIIT and boxing, every exercise has been meticulously selected by experienced professional teachers and instructors to build optimal muscle health and avoid unnecessary pressure on joints. Think; a stronger back and posture, more connected core, and glutes that work to protect your knees.

Body Holiday has input from multiple educated and inspiring wellness experts, who are diverse and well-travelled in their practice. We’ve also listened to our clients, and set out to include some unique features ~ for example, a unique filtering system and a second body in many workouts, so you can experience real-time form corrections and modifications.

Our Difference

Our world moves beyond online exercise and the physical experience ~ our workouts all belong to a retreat or collection that takes you on a journey based on its destination or environmental elements. Each retreat has an overarching concept that feeds into a single-minded intention for each workout. For example, on your Tuscany retreat, we want you to be inspired and colour outside the lines. Each day of movement leads us through a different way to spark inspiration inside ourselves. The concept flows throughout our retreat radio stations, homegrown recipes, travel diary and guide, wellness practices and postcards. All with a purpose to excite your senses, move you away from the everyday, and into a world to discover all the world has to offer, day by day.

About Membership

A postcard from Holly, our founder

Throughout my 20 years of teaching movement, watching my clients walk out of their classes feeling better both mentally and physically to take on whatever life has to throw at them has been an honour and the favourite part of my job. During all this time there has never been a time when I have seen this more than when clients leave a retreat. I think everyone deserves to have a taste of this feeling. Regardless of anything going on in your life, I hope this can be a place where you can learn, explore and find so much joy.

I am beyond excited for you to dive into your very own Body Holiday.

Holly Gibellini-Davis

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