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The Menorcan Travel Diary

Welcome to your Menorca Travel Diary, a captivating journey through the hidden treasures of the lesser known Balearic Island. You’ll discover a curated collection of our most cherished stays and eats along with our favourite things to do on this stunning isle. Immerse yourself in Menorca’s authentic charm and timeless beauty as we guide you on a memorable exploration of its rich tapestry of sights, sounds, and flavours. Get ready to embark on a voyage of discovery as we uncover the wonders of Menorca.


Menorca Experimental

Tucked away in the serene landscapes of Menorca, the Menorca Experimental offers a unique blend of luxury and rustic charm and was a Body Holiday favourite on our travels. Set within a beautifully restored farmhouse, this boutique hotel boasts stylish accommodations, tranquil gardens, and sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. Guests can unwind in the outdoor pool, savour farm-to-table cuisine at the on-site restaurant, or explore the island’s hidden gems with personalized excursions arranged by the concierge. With its emphasis on authenticity and immersive experiences, the Menorca Experimental promises a truly unforgettable stay.

Image Credit: Menorca Experimental Instagram

Faustino Gran

Set on 15 hectares of pine forests and a wealth of culture by the sea, Faustino Gran invites you to enjoy a unique experience in Menorca, the wildest of the Balearic Islands. Surrounded by translucent turquoise waters and breathtaking Mediterranean scenery, this exceptional estate displays an unparalleled charm.  At the 17th-century Can Faustino palace, the gourmet restaurant offers cuisine that values nature and local products. With several pools and sun terraces as well as a spa featuring an indoor pool, gym, sauna and hammam tucked away in an ancient grotto, Faustino Gran is something of a dream getaway.

Image Credit: Faustino Gran Instgram 

Villa Le Blanc

Nestled along the seafront, amidst Menorca’s captivating scenery and within reach of its most treasured cultural landmarks and pristine coves, this hotel epitomises the essence of island luxury. Committed to sustainability, the hotel harmoniously coexists with its environment, embodying eco-conscious practices in every facet of its operation which we appreciate so much here at Body Holiday. Boasting an unbeatable location with direct access to Santo Tomás Beach from its garden and the hotel is an integral part of the Camí de Cavalls trail, offering guests a chance to intimately connect with Menorca’s natural splendour. Moreover, immerse yourself in the most authentic Menorcan experiences curated through a select collection, ensuring that every moment of your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

Image Credit: Villa le Blanc Instagram


Fontenille Menorca

Located in the heart of Menorca’s countryside, Fontenille Menorca offers a culinary journey inspired by the island’s rich gastronomic heritage and seasonal ingredients. Set within a beautifully restored farmhouse, the restaurant features an elegant dining room and a charming terrace overlooking the vineyards and olive groves. Guests can indulge in innovative dishes crafted by acclaimed chefs, accompanied by a curated selection of local wines. With its farm-to-table ethos and commitment to sustainability, Fontenille Menorca promises a dining experience that celebrates the flavors and traditions of the Mediterranean.

Image Credit: Fontenille Menorca Instagram

Nonna Bazaar

Nonna Bazaar is a great place to watch the sunset after a day of exploration. Dance until the early hours after an outdoor dinner, whether you’ve spent the day exploring the coast, enjoying Menorca’s most beautiful beaches, horseback riding or visiting caves. A unique oasis in the Menorcan countryside, bringing together dance and live music, as well as relaxing dining, and astonishing views of the sunset. Nonna Bazaar boasts idyllic views of the 400 hectare landscape with farm animals and cultivated fields, combined with the nightlife to rival any party with live music. The menu is proudly created around locally produced, high-quality ingredients. The on-site garden and orchard provide much of the fresh produce, and Nonna Bazaar advocates a fresh farm-to-table culture to maintain that unforgettable standard.

Image Credit: Nonna Bazaar Instagram

Ivette, Calla Morell

Perched on the cliffs overlooking the azure waters of Cala Morell in Menorca, Ivette Cala Morell is a charming seafood restaurant / beach club that offers stunning views and delicious cuisine. With its relaxed atmosphere and waterfront location, this hidden gem is the perfect spot to enjoy fresh seafood dishes, grilled fish, and paella made with locally caught ingredients. Guests can dine al fresco on the terrace, savoring the flavors of the Mediterranean while soaking up the sun and sea breezes. With its picturesque setting and mouthwatering cuisine, Ivette Cala Morell promises a memorable dining experience on the island of Menorca.

Image Credit:  Ivette Beach Club Instagram


Hauser & Wirth 

Just a five minute boat ride from Mahon harbour, the island Illa del Rei is the new home of Hauser & Wirth Menorca is an art center seamlessly blending art, education, and conservation within its natural setting. Repurposing 18th-century naval hospital outbuildings, the 1,500 sq.m space has welcomed over 180,000 visitors since 2021. Featuring eight galleries and an outdoor sculpture trail, it showcases works by artists like Martin Creed and Pipilotti Rist. Adjacent to the galleries, a garden by Piet Oudolf offers a serene retreat, while Cantina restaurant serves local fare from Binifadet vineyard. A gallery shop complements the experience with art publications and local crafts. We recommend designating a whole day to this exploration, begin by popping into the fish market in the harbour before you leave,  and make sure you book ahead for Cantina!

Image Credit: Hauser & Wirth Menorca Instagram

Explore Mahon town

A charming town nestled along the island’s eastern coast, Mahon is brimming with history, culture, and scenic beauty. Wander through its narrow cobblestone streets lined with pastel-hued buildings, and explore the iconic harbour and its tiny restaurants, where you can watch boats bobbing on the crystal-clear waters. Visit historic landmarks such as the impressive 18th-century Fortaleza de la Mola, offering panoramic views of the town and the Med. And don’t miss the fish market (Mercat del Peix) for tapas as far as the eye can see.

Cova d’en Xoroi

Carved into the cliffs overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Menorca, Cova d’en Xoroi is a spectacular cave bar and nightclub that offers breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. By day, visitors can relax on sun-kissed terraces and enjoy refreshing drinks amidst the natural beauty of the surroundings. By night, the cave transforms into a vibrant venue with live music, DJ sets, and dancing under the stars. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or excitement, Cova d’en Xoroi promises an unforgettable experience on the island of Menorca.

Image Credit: Cova Den Xoroi Instagram

Exploring Menorca by boat

The best way to explore Menorca’s incredible rocky shores and caves is a boat excursion around the stunning coastlines. Whether you choose to sail on a traditional wooden boat, charter a private yacht, or join a group tour, exploring the island by sea offers a unique perspective and endless opportunities for exploration. Our favourite is Xuaxa Boat Experiences (linked below). Discover hidden coves, pristine beaches, and secluded bays accessible only by boat. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters, soak up the sun on deck, or simply enjoy the serenity of the open sea. With its azure waters and breathtaking scenery, a boat excursion is a must-do experience in Menorca.

Image Credit: Xuaxa Boats Instgram

If you haven’t already, immerse yourself in the Mediterranean island lifestyle with our Menorca retreat.


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