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Guide to getting the most out of Body Holiday

Ciao! Welcome to the feel good life.

We get it, when you check in for your Body Holiday just like any new destination, it’s great to have a local there to pick you up on arrival, give you insider tips and show you all the best spots. So here’s our guide to ensure all your Body Holiday adventures are smooth sailing.

Checking in, signing up

When you sign up for Body Holiday, your tickets around the world are booked by our concierge. There’s no pesky long haul flights between you and your getaway. TLDR; As soon as you sign up you have full access to all of our retreats, collections and workouts from across the world, for the length of your stay with us. 

Want to change your membership plan? Switch easily between the three month and annual membership by heading to your dashboard. From there, click on the ‘Subscriptions’ button and find the ‘Change Plan’ button on the right hand side. 

Discovering our hand-curated retreats 

Once you’ve made it into your first retreat, read through the introduction and watch the teaser video, if it seems like the retreat for you, feel free to jump straight into your workouts! However our hot tip is before you start to move, familiarise yourself with the place. First stop is the travel diary – learn about the best parts of the destination. Next, the locally loved wellness activity will help you mentally level up. Press play on your retreat radio to set the scene, and sift through the postcards and delicious recipes we’ve collected that will inspire your tastebuds to take a journey of their own.

When your senses have been adequately ignited – or whenever you’re ready, of course – jump into the workouts by making the journey back home (the top of the page), where you’ll be whisked away for the next few days (or weeks! – the beauty here is you go at your own pace). 

Make your way through your daily movement practices (days off are fine, but try not to do more than one in a row to keep you connected and motivated). At Body Holiday, our goal is that by the end of your final workout, you’ll feel fully transported and aligned with the ideas and intentions we’ve set together – no matter your space, the weather, or energy around you. We hope you come out of it feeling inspired, stronger, and more well travelled, and ready to tackle your next retreat! 

Want to share your post-retreat bliss experience with us? We’d love to hear from you at

Choosing your own adventure with our world of workouts

For those who revel in the excitement of physical adventure; we’ve got you covered. Navigating through our World of Workouts provides you with a different way to explore your own Body Holiday and allows you to design your own experience with a first class around the world ticket. Think of these workouts as micro-stays; little tastes into the variety of experiences our retreats have to offer. 

By using our unique filter system handcrafted to you – search by length, class style, props, burn factor, sweat factor and retreat, making it super quick and convenient to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Done with making decisions today? We know, the stress of choice is real and we have enough of it in our everyday lives! Simply pick one of our “Around the world this week” workouts, updated every seven days, and get moving!

Keeping your passport stamps in one place 

For our creatures of habit; who like coming back to their most loved workouts again and again – you can <3 them, and find them via the <3 in the top of the nav, or in your favourites in your Account Dashboard. They’ll also always sit at the bottom of the World of Workouts page, along with your recently completed. 

Connect with Body Holiday and your fellow travellers 

One of our most cherished parts of retreat is connection – and we want to facilitate this as much as we can within your Body Holiday world. Our aim is to celebrate local people and businesses doing great things in the world of movement, wellness and travel, and connect you with them, and each other. 

If you want to be part of the BH community in your local area, send us an email to and we’ll link you up with your neighbours. 

To connect with us, first follow our social channels @bodyholiday_ on Instagram and @bodyholiday_ on TikTok.

Soon you’ll find us popping up with real life events and mini day retreats around the world ~ make sure you follow us on socials and stay subscribed to our email list to be the first to hear. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We are only at the beginning of our Body Holiday journey, so look out for 10x new workouts added with every retreat. Let us know if there’s anything you’d love to see, and any places you’d like to go, but by the end of 2023, we can guarantee you’ll have travelled to some beautiful places. For anything else, check out our FAQ page.


We can’t wait for you to explore our world with us and make every day a Body Holiday.
Ciao for now xx

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