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Journal Travel Guide

Discover the charm and magic of Ibiza

Founder of the interior architectural directory Portaire, Lori Bolon has frequented Ibiza throughout all phases of her life, chameleonic, beautiful, and vibrant sides of Ibiza that will surprise you at every turn. She shares her experiences of the charm and magic of this famed destination full of incredible beaches, fresh food and unmatched energy in this travel guide to the island of hedonism, Ibiza.

A guide to Ibiza

Beautiful beaches, long boozy lunches, late sunsets and the best partying – Ibiza really has it all.

When I was 18, I discovered Ibiza (or at least that’s how it felt). At first, it was the music, cocktails and sunrises that captivated me. Since then, a different side of the island revealed itself to me. Ibiza may still be decked in the world’s best clubs and late dinner spots, but there is also a whole world of beautiful beaches, interiors, and long lunches to explore. At 16 weeks pregnant, the island showed me its chic, relaxed face, and every summer since then, my family and I continue to create memories in it. Chameleonic, beautiful, and vibrant, Ibiza will surprise you at every turn.




Ca Na Xica

If the villa idea does not meet your preferences, you might want to head to Ca Na Xica, a beautiful and relaxing hotel surrounded by olive trees and countryside. With warm terracotta walls surrounding the gardens and oversized cacti guarding the privacy of its guests, this hotel is the perfect retreat. It is also perfectly situated in the middle of the island, and it’s really easy to get anywhere. PS. It is down the road from one of my favourite restaurants, Aubergine.



Six Senses

When you enter the Six Senses you will be overwhelmed by the beauty and scale of the hotel. Located in the north of the island, you feel as though you are in your own world, surrounded by exquisite natural beauty and incredible architecture. Known for its sustainable designs and healthy food options, the Six Senses is the perfect option to relax, unwind and enjoy the amazing surroundings.




Instead of booking a hotel room, my recommendation is to gather a great group of friends and rent a villa. Ibiza has some of the most beautiful spaces in the world. Think infinity pools overlooking the golden sunset, rustic white exterior walls, rattan furniture, giant cactuses… It’s worth finding a villa where you can relax, eat, and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.




Cala Jondal

My favourite restaurant on the island is Cala Jondal. Not only is it the most exquisitely designed restaurant with an incredible attention to detail, but it also attracts a great crowd and has the most delicious food. I would recommend booking a day bed for after lunch, and making reservations early, as spots go quickly!



Cala Gracioneta

If you’re looking for a more casual and laid back lunch, Cala Gracionata is the perfect option. Having randomly stumbled upon this restaurant a few years ago by walking down the cove, we now go back every year for the food and crystal clear water.



Casa Maca

A rural hotel up in the hills, Casa Maca ticked every one of our boxes. Namely; amazing interiors (but almost anywhere in Ibiza meets that standard!), delicious food, great vibe and an amazing outdoor BBQ where you can see all the food being grilled. I would recommend booking to eat inside, as the tent has more of a vibe.




Boat day to Formentera

Whilst Ibiza is endlessly beautiful, I would recommend hiring a boat for the day and going to Formentera. Known for its crystal clear waters and incredible seafood restaurants, these have always been the best days for us. We love going for a late lunch around 4pm to Beso Beach, which turns into a total party once everyone has finished eating.



Sunset watching at Sunset Ashram

Located on Cala Comte, this is an absolute must for your Sunday afternoon. On that day, you can watch the hippies playing the drums as the sun goes down, with the last crowd of swimmers dozing into the sun and swimming in the clear ocean. Once the sun sets, the vibe picks back up. A very relaxed and hippy experience, Sunset Ashram showcases another side of Ibiza.



Walk through Santa Gertrudis

A cute romantic town located in the middle of the island, Santa Gertrudis has beautiful colourful houses, traditional Balearic architecture and some great shopping. Our favourite restaurant, Macao, has a family feel with traditional Italian food. Sitting in the garden under the stars, you can count on it for a beautiful date night with a delicious glass of wine.



Lori is an Interior Architect who’s worked on projects of all shapes and sizes in Australia and the UK, and has established a portfolio of work featured by the likes of Vogue Living. Inspired by creating a company that could make the world of design more accessible and dynamic, Lori co-founded Portaire, the fastest growing interior architectural directory in the UK.

Follow Portaire on Instagram @portaire_

If you haven’t already, immerse yourself in an indulgent life with our Ibiza retreat.


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