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Frequent retreat releases

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in a world of movement

Step away from your day and dive into your Body Holiday World. Take pleasure in movement through invigorating online retreats that transport you to beautiful destinations – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Indulge in daily workouts and immerse yourself in local cultures by exploring soundscapes, wellness activities, recipes and travel guides from the comfort of your own space. Think cardio party in Ibiza one day, desert burn in Palm Springs the next.

With Body Holiday, push yourself to new limits, enjoy the sweat, burn, twists and turns, and feel the lines of time and space melt away. This is your moment.


Welcome to the feel good life

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Workout Styles

Pilates Flow

Signature pilates movements through a fresh lens. Enjoy intelligent and creative flows designed to burn intelligently.

Pilates HIIT

The best of both worlds – Pilates exercises in HIIT formats. Expect Pilates movements giving burn and sweaty functional exercises.

Circuit & HIIT

Invigorating functional movement designed to challenge both strength and cardio fitness. One for the thrillseekers.

Neu Barre

Barre, minus the ballet. Full body, dynamic flows with cardio moments throughout to keep the intensity high while you burn.


Exhilarating strength and cardio workouts for the whole body. Turn up the volume and connect with your inner warrior.

Yoga & Stretch

From the practices grounded in stillness to the more dynamic, prepare to be taken on a journey as you are lead by breath and flow.

Full Retreat


Escape The Ordinary

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